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1948 Yozo Ihata, the founder of company, founded a business Ihata Shoten to produce and sell the offset print transfer papers at the present address.
1953 For business expansion, Ihata Shoten was recognized as a corporation and Nippon Transfer Paper Co., Ltd. was established.
1955 Tokyo Office was established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. The market for transfer paper was expanded.
1959 We developed NT Cutter, took out a patent on it and started the sales for NT Cutter.
It was the first time in the world that “Sharp Knife” (presently named “Cutter Knife”) was introduced in the market.
1961 The brand was named to “NT CUTTER”.
The sales for A-type cutter was started.
We exhibited at the trading show in Frankfurt and started exporting.
1963 The Tokyo Branch was established in Nerima-ku, Tokyo (it is still at the same location)
1964 We started exhibiting a various fairs (shows) to expand the products in the market.
1968 Our products, A and S type cutters, were selected as "GOOD DESIGN PRODUCT" by Ministry of Trade and Industry which was the first time for cutter knives to be selected
1982 We developed NT Dresser and took out a patent on it. In October, the production and sales for NT Dresser was started.
1986 Because of the development of photomechanical methods, we stopped the production and sales for transfer paper.
1987 Kazuhiko Ihata became the presidency.
1988 The name of the company was changed to NT Incorporated.
1989 NT Trading Company was established.
2003 The company celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Apr.2015 Takuya Ihata became the presidency
2017 Our product, AD-2P,was selected as “GOOD DESIGN LONG LIFE DESIGN AWARD” by Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Company Profile

Name of company NT Incorporated
Established April,1953
President Takuya Ihata
【Head office】4-3-29 Nakano Higashisumiyoshi-ku Osaka Japan(546-0012)
Business activity ・Manufacturing and sales for NT Cutters, spare blades, Dresser, and industrial sanders.
・Sales for domestic and more than 100 foreign countries
・Developing new products with our own technology and unique ideas


Endeavoring to create new products meeting diversified needs.

NT Cutter